Blessings from Land & Sea

Beannacht is the Gaelic word for Blessing. Each piece in this series is a celebration of the spirit of the Irish landscape, and the blessing it provides.

Celtic people have always had a unique connection and affinity to the landscape – they spoke of the “sisterhood of nature and the soul.” Historically, we are people of the land. At our core – much like our landscape – our spirit is rugged, raw and unrefined. The Celts believed they were at mercy of the land, sea and sky. They believed the landscape had the power to heal and nurture.

When you look at these pieces, slow down, and visit the part of you that has never been wounded. Take comfort that the strength of our landscape can hold whatever you are struggling to carry alone.




The Beannacht exhibition will run from the 11th June – 19th June, at our Studio/Gallery. Due to COVID regulations, we would encourage people to sign up for a time slot to visit the gallery. This will cut down on potential waiting time, as only a limited amount of people can be in the gallery at once.



Fri 11th June – Sat 19th June | Tues – Sat | 11am – 3pm

Studio & Gallery, Second Floor, 455 Ormeau Road, Belfast, BT7 3GQ